Welcome to Writer Roadmap!

This space is all about tailored advice and support for each individual because no two writers are the same. From the podcast to classes for avid learners, to one-to-one coaching, there is a path forward for you here at Writer Roadmap.

I can help you to finish your very first draft or level up your publishing business to your biggest, dreamiest income goal.

Whatever your personal definition of success, we’ve got you covered.

Who am I?

I’m Holly Lyne, indie author of urban fantasy for over ten years and author of the bestselling non-fiction book, Goal Setting for Writers.

I’ve built my author business while home educating my two kids and know a thing or two about being multi-passionate and spinning all of the plates!

Since hitting a pretty severe case of burnout in 2021, I’ve been a vocal advocate of a more chilled approach to entrepreneurship and keeping the fiction-writing fun.

I discovered Clifton Strengths in the midst of that burnout and felt as though the concept was written especially for me! Now, I coach writers using this assessment, as well as other personality metrics, to provide an individualised approach to mindset and productivity.

I believe that your experiences are valid and that your personal definition of success is absolutely achievable! I want to help you reach for your dreams while maintaining a healthy balance in life and taking care of yourself.

You’ll hear me talk about different writing processes, personality, writing craft, creativity, and of course, goal setting!

Whatever your writing dreams, let’s create a roadmap towards them!