BONUS: Jeff Elkins on Dialogue

In this special feature-length episode of the podcast, I speak to Jeff Elkins about writing compelling dialogue, creating rich character voices and battling our own internal voices that tell us to quit.

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Photo of Jeff Elkins, The Dialogue Doctor

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Welcome to a special edition of the Writer Roadmap Podcast. You may have noticed already that this is not your usual 5-minute dose of motivation. Today I have a feature-length episode for you with one of my favourite people, Jeff Elkins, AKA The Dialogue Doctor.

We had a conversation about his recent book, The Dialogue Doctor Will See You Now, and about his struggles with imposter syndrome and what motivates him.

It’s a fascinating conversation and I bring it to you now in its entirety. So kick back with a beverage, on your commute or wherever you happen to be and listen to this insightful and entertaining interview.

Find out more about Jeff here.

Buy The Dialogue Doctor Will See You Now here.

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    This podcast episode resonated with me on so many levels. Your storytelling and the depth of your conversations make for an engaging listen. Can’t wait for the next one!

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