Episode 007 – Recharging Futuristic

This week, we’re talking about how those of us who get a buzz from thinking about the future can capitalise on that trait and consciously restore our energy reserves. If you’re a writer who enjoys setting goals, making plans, considering future technology or writing science fiction, this episode is for you.

I have another book recommendation* for you this week. Imaginable: How to see the future coming and be ready for anything by Jane McGonigal.

Answer our QOTW in the comments section: Does thinking about the future excite and energise you?

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how futuristics can gain energy

Daydream about the future!

Read or write futuristic books

Keep an eye on developments in technology

Chat with like-minded futurists

Set long-term goals!

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Hello Navigators. Welcome to Writer Roadmap, the podcast for writers seeking inspiration, guidance, and support on their creative journey. I’m your host, Holly Lyne, and in today’s episode, we are focusing on a crucial aspect that’s tightly interwoven with our creative energy and productivity: our natural strengths, specifically for those among us who resonate with a high Futuristic orientation.

Different strengths light us up, fuelling our creativity and productivity. For some of us, we thrive when we get a chance to explore, anticipate and envision the future. This is particularly true for those of us with a strong Futuristic bent.

So how can you, as a writer with high Futuristic strength, generate and harness your energy? Here are a few ideas.

Consider brainstorming or creative exercises that allow you to project into the future. You could sketch out new worlds for a sci-fi novel or ponder future trends for a speculative piece. But don’t just limit these to typical scenarios. Make it about exploring future trends, potential technological advances, or envisioning future societies. The key is to allow your mind to travel forward in time and space, expanding the horizons of your imagination.

You could also attend events that focus on the future, such as seminars on emerging technologies or workshops discussing upcoming trends. Engaging with forward-thinking environments can stimulate your imagination and fuel your creativity. These gatherings are a rich source of inspiration, presenting you with potential scenarios and ideas that you may incorporate into your work.

Next, connect with other like-minded individuals who share your interest in what’s to come. Whether that’s a professional organization or an online forum, find your tribe. Share your ideas, learn from others, and let the collective future focus ignite your energy.

It’s always good to read up on the future. Whether it’s books, articles, blogs, or even futuristic novels, let your mind wander into the realm of what’s possible and what’s forthcoming. This kind of reading can stimulate your mind, providing fodder for your own futuristic creations. I recently read Imaginable by Jane McGonigal. It’s a really accessible book on developing your ability to future-cast your imagination and I highly recommend it.

Obviously this next suggestion is my favourite, set long-term goals for yourself. Having a clear vision of where you’re heading can provide a tremendous energy boost, keeping you focused and motivated. What you consider long-term will be unique to you. It could be the quarter ahead, a year, or if you’re extremely future-oriented, 10 years. Imagining what your life could look like in several years may be the single best thing you can do to recharge your futuristic energy bank. Take that vision and turn it into a plan.

If that vision includes other people, a spouse or a co-writer maybe, then include them in the plan, talk to them about it and get them excited about it too.

And finally, remember to take breaks and recharge. This could be anything from physical exercise, meditation, spending time in nature, or any other activities that help you rejuvenate.

So, as we wrap up today’s exploration of generating energy through thinking about the future, remember to lean into your inherent orientation towards the future. Harness it. Let it energize you and guide you through your creative journey. And remember, your future-oriented thinking is a gift – use it to its full potential.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Does thinking about the future excite and energise you? Let me know in the Q&A on Spotify, or on this episode’s post on Instagram. Just follow me @hblyne for all things Writer Roadmap.

Thank you for listening and happy planning.

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