Episode 025 – Writing Through the Holidays

This week, Navigators, we’re talking about how to keep your author business afloat during the chaos of the holiday season. I share tips for those of you who choose to slow down as well as those who prefer to speed up to meet those last annual goals!

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Hello Navigators! Welcome back to Writer Roadmap. I’m Holly Lyne, and today we’re diving into a topic that’s particularly relevant as we approach the peak of the holiday season: how to keep your writing business thriving amidst the festive chaos. Whether you’re wrapping up projects, planning for the new year, or juggling family commitments, this time of year can be a whirlwind. But fear not! I’m here to share some strategies to help you navigate this season with joy and productivity.

Embrace the Season’s Energy:

First off, let’s acknowledge that the holiday season, with all its bustle, can actually be a source of inspiration and energy. The festive atmosphere, the gathering of friends and family, even the chaos – it’s all fodder for creativity. Embrace this energy. Let the holiday spirit infuse your writing with new life and enthusiasm. Remember, some of the best ideas come from the most unexpected places.

People tend to fall into two distinct camps at this time of year: those who wind down and ease off their business tasks, and those who lean into the frenetic energy of the season and use it to race towards their year-end goals. Neither way is superior, it’s all about who we each are as individuals and what kind of energy we have at this time of year.

If you’re in rest mode, then go ahead and rest and take inspiration from the quiet moments by the fire with a book, or going for a bracing walk.

Prioritise and Plan:

Now, more than ever, prioritising is key. Take a moment to assess your writing and business tasks. What needs to be completed before the year ends, and what can wait until the new year? Make a list, and check it twice, and then break it down into small, manageable tasks. Remember, every little step counts, and progress is progress, no matter how small.

It may be that writing simply isn’t a priority for you this month and that’s absolutely fine. Try to shut out the voices that insist you need to write every single day of the year. That may be what works for some people, but it isn’t right for many of us, particularly those of us with young children or those who are carers for someone close to us. An awful lot of the loud voices in our industry are men who delegate family responsibilities to their spouses. So if their advice doesn’t resonate with you because your life is very different from theirs, don’t worry, whatever is right for you is the right thing to do.

Set Realistic Goals:

Be realistic with your goals during this time. It’s okay not to be in full-on work mode. If writing 1500 words a day is your norm, maybe scale it down to 500. Or instead of pushing to finish a chapter, focus on outlining or character development. Adjust your expectations and give yourself permission to slow down. Factor in your other obligations and don’t fool yourself that there will be no changes to your usual routine!

Time Management Tricks:

Time management is your ally. With holiday preparations and celebrations, your usual schedule might be disrupted. That’s okay! Consider getting up an hour earlier to write in the quiet of the morning, or dedicate a specific time slot in the evening for business tasks. You can also use the ‘Pomodoro technique’ – work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. It’s amazing what you can achieve in short, focused bursts.

Self-Care and Boundaries:

Don’t forget self-care. The holidays are a time to recharge, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Set boundaries where necessary. It’s okay to say no to certain social commitments if you need that time for yourself or your writing.

Finding Joy in the Process:

Lastly, find joy in the process. Celebrate the small victories, whether it’s finishing a blog post or sending out a newsletter. Share your holiday experiences and inspirations with your audience – it’s a great way to connect on a personal level.

Navigators, the holiday season is a wonderful time, full of potential for joy, creativity, and growth in your writing business. Embrace it, enjoy it, and let it fuel your passion for writing.

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Until next time, happy holidays, everyone!

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