Episode 041 – Recharging Discipline for Writers

On today’s podcast, we talk about the ways you can gain energy by making use of your discipline traits. If you know your CliftonStrengths and Discipline is high for you, then this episode is for you. If you haven’t taken the assessment, but know that you thrive on structure and planning, then again, this is for you.

If you don’t resonate with this particular set of traits, be sure to listen to the rest of the Recharging series of the podcast and listen out for things that sound like you.

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Bright coloured infographic summarising article. Text reads:
Discipline Energy
Creating Roadmaps: Visualizing a project's timeline breaks the writing process into energizing, manageable steps.
Boosting Efficiency: Refining systems like research processes or drafting tools increases productivity and energy.
Organizational Projects: Tidying digital files and workspaces reduces stress and enhances creative clarity.
Planning for Stability: Managing the business side of writing provides security, focusing energy on creativity.
Foundation for Creativity: Discipline offers the necessary order and efficiency for creative freedom.

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Welcome to Writer Roadmap, the podcast for writers seeking inspiration, guidance, and support on their creative journey. I’m Holly Lyne, and today we’re tapping into an often overlooked source of energy and inspiration: the power of discipline. Yes, you heard that right. For those of us who thrive on structure and order, discipline is not just about keeping things neat or sticking to a schedule; it’s about creating an environment where creativity can flourish unfettered. Let’s explore how disciplined activities, like creating roadmaps, streamlining systems, and organizing our creative spaces, can actually recharge our batteries and inject newfound energy into our writing.

Now, for those high in Discipline according to CliftonStrengths, this trait is about thriving on order, structure, and planning. But even if you haven’t taken the assessment, or the idea of ‘discipline’ sounds more military than muse, stay with me. Because today, we’re exploring how a love for organization, detailed planning, and the serenity of a well-ordered world can be the very thing that recharges our creative batteries and propels our writing to new heights.

Discipline, in the CliftonStrengths sense, isn’t just about adhering to a schedule or keeping your desk tidy. It’s about creating an environment where creativity isn’t just welcomed; it’s nurtured, encouraged, and given space to flourish. For those who find a sense of calm in order and relish the process of plotting out their paths—whether in life or in a narrative—the disciplined approach to writing and organizing isn’t just about control. It’s about setting the stage for imagination to run wild, within bounds that keep it focused, purposeful, and endlessly productive.

So, whether you naturally gravitate towards making lists and timelines, or if the concept of ‘discipline’ feels a bit foreign, let’s discover how channelling this structured energy can open up vast landscapes for our creativity to explore. Let’s dive in.

Make A Map

First off, let’s talk about the magic of making a roadmap or project timeline for your writing. This is about more than just setting deadlines. It’s about visualizing your journey, from the spark of an idea to the final draft and beyond. This visualization not only clarifies the path ahead but also breaks down the writing process into manageable, energizing steps. Each completed step fuels your motivation, pushing you forward with a clear sense of direction and purpose. Consider how long you realistically need for each step of the project and set deadlines to aim for along the way. You may also want to do this for other projects in your life, such as home improvements, courses you’re taking, or fitness goals you’re striving towards.

Increase Efficiency

Now, consider the satisfaction that comes from making systems more efficient. Whether it’s refining your research process, streamlining your drafting tools, or finding new ways to tackle revisions, efficiency is exhilarating. It’s about cutting away the unnecessary, leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters: your writing. Every system you optimise is a puzzle solved, a challenge overcome, and a step towards a more productive creative life. You may find that batching tasks improves your efficiency, or there may be activities to eliminate entirely in that spirit. Looking at where you can trim the fat and make your processes more lean will energise you.

Take On Organisation

Another powerhouse of disciplined energy renewal is tackling an organisational project. Think about those digital files and folders that have seen better days, or the research notes scattered across various apps. Organizing these is not just about tidiness; it’s about reclaiming control and clarity in your creative process. The act of organizing can be meditative, and the result—a clean, orderly workspace—can significantly lower stress levels, making room for fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Create A Nestegg

Let’s not forget the importance of taking care of nestegg plans. This could mean setting aside time to manage the business side of writing, planning your publishing strategy, or even organizing your finances to support your creative goals. Knowing that these aspects of your writing career are under control can provide a deep sense of security and peace, allowing you to focus more fully on the creative tasks at hand.

More Creativity

Embracing discipline doesn’t mean stifling creativity. Quite the opposite—it means creating a foundation of order and efficiency that frees up mental and emotional space for creativity to bloom. So, whether you’re plotting your next novel’s timeline, streamlining your editing process, de-cluttering your digital workspace, or planning for the future, know that these disciplined acts are not just tasks to be checked off. They’re stepping stones on the path to a more energized, inspired, and productive writing life.

If you haven’t heard yourself in this episode, that’s fine. We’re all different and gain energy in different ways. Be sure to listen to the entire “Recharging” series of this podcast and look out for the ones that do resonate. There are plenty more to come.

That’s all for today’s episode of Writer Roadmap. If you’ve found ways to harness the power of discipline in your writing or have tips on turning structured activities into sources of creative energy, I’d love to hear from you. Join our community and share your insights, as we all seek to recharge and reinvigorate our writing journeys.

Remember to subscribe to Writer Roadmap, and if this discussion has sparked some ideas, please share it with a fellow writer. Until next time, keep organizing, keep planning, and most importantly, keep writing with discipline and heart.

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