Episode 021 – Recharging Intellection for Writers

In today’s episode, we’re talking about thinking! If you’re stuck in the manuscript, or just know that you function best this way, then I have lots of suggestions today for ways you can regain energy by thinking more.

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Infographic with blue and purple background. Text reads Energize Through Thought: Deep thinking fuels creativity.
Mind-Stimulating Activities: Read, solve puzzles, and explore new ideas.
Expand Horizons: Attend lectures and seminars for fresh perspectives.
Journal for Insight: Use introspective writing for creative breakthroughs.
Intellectual Community: Engage in discussions to refine and share ideas.
Solve and Create: Apply deep thinking to solve complex problems.

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Hello Navigators. Welcome to Writer Roadmap, the podcast for writers seeking inspiration, guidance, and support on their creative journey. I’m your host, Holly Lyne, and today, we’re exploring a unique aspect of our creative minds, particularly for those who love to think deeply about things. We’re going to delve into how you can harness this trait to gain energy and enhance your creative process.

Some of us, quite a lot of writers, actually, are naturally inclined towards deep thinking, introspection, and intellectual activity. It’s the fuel that powers your best ideas and most profound insights. But how do you ensure this strength doesn’t drain you but instead energizes your creative endeavours? Let’s dive in.

While thought-intensive exercises may be draining for some, they can be stimulating for others and actually give us energy. Sometimes, thinking about our current work in progress may be tiring us, but thinking about other things can refuel us and make it easier to tackle the next chapter.

Firstly, immerse yourself in activities that challenge and engage your intellect. This could be as simple as reading a thought-provoking book, solving puzzles, or indulging in writing exercises that push your boundaries. Try picking up a book by someone you disagree with and challenge your own assumptions, try to see things from their point of view. Explore subjects that fascinate you and always look for ways to challenge yourself. These activities don’t just entertain; they stimulate new neural pathways and keep your mind sharp and active.

Another energy source is attending lectures, seminars, or webinars. Whether it’s a topic you’re deeply versed in or something entirely new, these events can spark fresh ideas and perspectives. They’re also excellent opportunities to connect with subjects and people that can energize your thinking.

Now, let’s talk about the power of introspection. Setting aside time for reflection is crucial. Consider keeping a journal for your thoughts, ideas, and musings. This practice isn’t just about recording thoughts; it’s about exploring them, understanding them, and seeing where they lead. It can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and creative inspiration. Often when we’re stuck with our writing, it can be helpful to journal about the act of writing – write about writing. Begin putting your thoughts down on paper with the fact that you are stuck and allow your mind to explore the nooks and crannies of your thoughts as you write. Ask yourself questions and make every effort to answer them. There should be no rhetorical questions when exploring your own thoughts! Try meditation, but instead of following the prompt to allow your mind to go blank, an impossible feat for many of us, allow your thoughts to wander in and around a thought prompt. It could be a philosophical problem or a sticky plot point in your book. Trust your subconscious to go where it needs to go and allow thinking to happen in that time.

Intellection thrives in stimulating environments. Seek out communities like book clubs, discussion groups, or online forums where ideas are the main currency. Engaging in intellectual discourse with others not only refines your thoughts but also provides a sense of belonging and intellectual camaraderie. The bouncing around of thoughts and ideas with other people can help lead us to consider new angles and deepen our understanding of topics.

Finally, engage in activities that involve creative problem-solving. This could be personal projects, professional tasks, or even community issues. Tackling complex problems and finding innovative solutions can be incredibly energizing. It allows you to apply your intellectual strengths practically and see tangible results from your deep thought processes. One of my personal favourite pastimes is solving logic puzzles. I love keeping track of all of the information and using it to deduce the answers. But perhaps managing a large project would provide you with the intellectual stimulation you need.

If, like me, you love to think and explore thoughts, thinking about the manuscript can be a great way to move it forward. Your writing will benefit from the depth of thought that you can bring to it. Contemplate details about your character’s appearance or behaviour or history, consider different options for your plot and different obstacles for your character to overcome. Jot notes on paper if that helps, or chat with a friend about it. Explore the thoughts and ideas in your head in between writing sessions so that when you return to the manuscript you know where to go, even if that’s on a subconscious level.

As a writer with a natural inclination to think deeply, these activities are not just pastimes; they’re essential to your well-being and creativity. They provide the mental stimulation you crave and can translate into more profound, more insightful writing. Remember, your need for intellectual engagement is a strength, not a liability. Embracing it fully can transform the way you write and create.

So, Navigators, as you go about your week, I encourage you to seek out and engage in these intellect-nourishing activities. Feed your mind, indulge your curiosity, and watch how your writing flourishes.

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