Episode 038 – Publishing Wide Mindset

Hello Navigators. Today, the podcast is all about cultivating the right mindset to publish your books wide – not just ebooks on Amazon, but different formats and different retailers.

There are lots of how-to guides for this, and to keep the episode short, I’ve focused on the why and the mindset you need to give this approach the best chance of success.

If you’d like to go deeper on this topic, I highly recommend the book, Wide for the Win by Mark Leslie Lefebvre.

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Publishing Wide
Dream Big: Dive into the magical world of growth across varied platforms with a sprinkle of patience and persistence.
Buddying Up with Retailers: Grab a coffee with retail pals for top tips and epic promo opportunities.
World Domination: Transform your book into a global star, available in all shapes and sizes worldwide.
Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: Spread your publishing wings across different platforms for a safety net against market swings.
Play It Smart: Craft unique marketing plans for each platform and stay flexible like a gymnast.
It Takes a Village: Join the author squad, learn from the pros, and party hard at each milestone.

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Welcome to Writer Roadmap, the podcast for writers seeking inspiration, guidance, and support on their creative journey. I’m Holly Lyne, and today, we’re venturing into the expansive mindset of publishing wide. This isn’t just a strategy; it’s a philosophy that embraces the long game, values deep connections with a broad network of retailers, and cherishes the global community of readers in all its diversity.

Publishing wide is more than a distribution choice; it’s a commitment to building a sustainable, resilient author career that isn’t tethered to the fluctuations of a single platform. It’s about trust—trust in the value of your work, trust in the diversity of readership, and trust in the long-term vision of your authorship.

The Wide Mindset

Trust in the Long Game: Embracing a wide strategy is an investment in the future. It’s understanding that success doesn’t always happen overnight but unfolds over time, growing as your catalogue and presence across multiple platforms expand. This mindset encourages patience, persistence, and a focus on steady, organic growth. Many authors give up on retailers if they don’t see quick success. But it can take a long time and a lot of effort to find readers on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google. A willingness to do the work and be consistent is key to success beyond Amazon.

Fostering Relationships: Unlike exclusive models that limit interactions to a single platform, going wide opens doors to developing relationships with real people at various retailers. These connections are invaluable, offering insights into market trends, promotional opportunities, and personalized support to help you maximize your reach on each platform. Outside of the Amazon ecosystem, there is still a fair amount of human curation that goes on and it can be helpful to have connections with people who work at those retailers. So listen to their podcasts, read their blogs, comment on their social media posts and if you get the opportunity, go and say hello to their representatives at conferences.

Global Accessibility: A wide mindset appreciates the global tapestry of readers. It recognizes the importance of making your books available in as many formats and channels as possible—eBooks, print, audio—to meet readers where they are, whether that’s in the U.S., Europe, Asia, or beyond. It’s about inclusivity, ensuring that anyone, anywhere, can access your stories. It’s not just about where you publish, but what formats you offer as well. Producing good quality print books, not just as an afterthought, but paying attention to the requirements of print. It may also include large print editions, popular with libraries, and audiobooks. Yes, ebooks are a huge market, but globally speaking, they’re still a relatively small and inaccessible option. Once established, you may also want to consider translations in order to reach readers who speak other languages.

Diversification: At its core, the wide mindset is about not putting all your eggs in one basket. It’s about risk management—ensuring that your career isn’t vulnerable to changes in policies, algorithms, or market demands of a single retailer or social network. This approach secures your income streams and lays a foundation for long-term stability.

Adopting a wide mindset doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges. It requires a strategic approach to marketing, a keen understanding of each platform’s unique audience, and an adaptable strategy that can evolve with the digital landscape. But the rewards—creative freedom, a diverse readership, and a robust author business—are immeasurable.

Cultivating a Wide Mindset

  • Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the different platforms and what they offer. Knowledge is power, and understanding the landscape can help you navigate it more effectively. Take some time to look at their websites – you may be surprised to find that book cover trends are different in your genre and might want to consider that when you order your covers.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with other authors who are publishing wide. Their experiences can offer valuable insights, encouragement, and practical advice. When arranging newsletter swaps with other authors, stick to other wide authors so that your audiences are more comparable.
  • Celebrate Every Milestone: Whether it’s your first sale on a new platform or a positive review from a reader in a country you’ve never visited, each milestone is a step forward in your wide publishing journey.

Navigators, as we chart our courses through the vast world of publishing, let’s embrace the wide mindset. Let’s build careers that are not only successful but also deeply fulfilling, rooted in a diverse, global community of readers who are waiting to discover our stories.

If you’re navigating the wide waters of publishing, I’d love to hear your story. Share with us and let’s grow together in this wide, wonderful world of storytelling. Join the community at writerroadmap.com

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